Fearlessly Implement Cybersecurity at the Edge

A webinar with the Velta Technology and Claroty

With increased information opportunities from Industry 4.0 data flow, cybersecurity risks also can increase. Edge computing is one of the fastest growing areas in the industrial sector as organizations pursue Industry 4.0 opportunities to gain insight from assets at the edge. Over the next few years, IDC projects edge devices will generate more than 51% of global data.

While success at the edge offers significant potential, organizations identify cybersecurity as a critical issue to solve before fully pursuing opportunities at the edge. Together, operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) teams must understand best practices and strategies to confidently implement cybersecurity in these new environments, and extend their security posture to edge locations.

Join Stratus, Velta Technology, and Claroty for a panel discussion to demystify emerging security concepts so you can “Fearlessly Implement Cybersecurity at the Edge.”

Learning Objectives:

  • How to gauge vulnerability and risk at the edge
  • Strategies to drive process integrity for critical equipment and data in OT, IoT, and IIoT
  • Approaches to securely deploy autonomous edge computing platforms
  • How to protect data transmission from edge to enterprise
  • Ways to communicate edge cybersecurity strategy across an organization through “compelling events”

Featured Speakers

Barry Dellecese
Senior Director, Product Management and Product Marketing, Stratus Technologies

Dino Busalachi
CTO, Velta Technology

Jim Cook
COO, Velta Technology

Frank Cohen
General Manager, Americas, Claroty

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