Operational Excellence with Edge Computing for Oil & Gas

World Oil Webinar with Dr. Peter J. Photos, Streamline Innovations

Oil and Gas companies are investing in applications to analyze data in real-time and improve the business performance. That investment involves computing platforms that are reliable in harsh environments where oil and gas assets exist. Streamline Innovations will share their application of advanced technology and how they are enabling clients to meet environmental objectives.

Hear from Peter Photos, Streamline Innovations and Corie Allemand, Stratus Technologies on digital initiatives that increase efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Join us for a discussion on:

  • Streamline Innovations use of advanced applications
  • ROI of Edge Computing for Streamline
  • Redundancy and virtualization in Edge Computing

Peter Photos
Chief Technology Officer

Peter has over 20 years of experience in oil & gas from field to operations management along with product development experience in IT, software, hardware, and chemical design.  He also has extensive expertise in business startup, business development, and project management as well as knowledge of nano-tech, bio-tech, materials science, chemical, and biological engineering.  Peter is the author of 8 patents, over 12 peer-reviewed journal articles, and over 20 white papers.

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