Oil & Gas on the edge: How edge computing can enable digital transformation

Aramco, AVEVA and Stratus join ITP Media in an in-depth dialog on Digital Transformation

Downtime is the oil and gas industry’s enemy. In this webinar, we bring Edge Computing expert Stratus together with AVEVA, global leader in industrial software, to discuss how to keep businesses up and running, making data and information continuously available. A single failure can spell disaster for oil and gas companies, so reliability is key in any platform used to track, analyse and control operations.

If applied correctly, Edge Computing is the ideal foundation for the industry’s ongoing digital transformation. It delivers equipment reliability, application availability and operational insight by capturing data and information at the point of origin.

The panel will discuss real-world use cases and share how operators are achieving operational excellence, unlocking Industry 4.0 capabilities and gaining a competitive advantage with Edge Computing.

Join Saudi Aramco, AVEVA and Stratus experts to:

  • Learn how to ensure data and information is continuously available
  • Understand how Oil and Gas organizations can avoid downtime
  • Listen to Oil and Gas Leadership describe the potential for edge computing as the industry continues to digitalize

Speakers: Amit Kar, Director of Global Pursuits, AVEVA; Greg Hookings, Head of Business Development, Digitalisation, Stratus; Khalid Alghamdi, Head of Digital Strategy & Growth, Saudi Aramco. Moderated by Carla Sertin, Editor of Oil & Gas Middle East.

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