New Strategies for a ‘Digital Everything’ Future

An On Demand IT News Africa-hosted webinar

Find out how edge computing can be leveraged correctly to help optimize your business efficiency and market opportunities.

The Digital transformation evolution journey continues with its success pinned on how corporates manage how people, processes, and technology innovation converge. In today’s volatile market, agility and flexibility can make or break a company. Everyone is trying to figure out how to do more with less. Edge Computing technology allows organisations to maximise asset performance while also increasing the efficiency of employees and assets.

Join IT News Africa & Stratus in this interactive session and hear how edge computing can be leveraged correctly to help optimize your business efficiency and market opportunities.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why and how edge architectures are shaping the growth of Digital Transformation.
  • About leading Developments in the Edge Computing platform market.
  • Opportunities and challenges for Edge Computing solutions in Africa.
  • How to keep operators up and running, making data and information continuously available.
  • Characteristics of today’s best practices at the edge.
  • How are organizations adopting new digital strategies in their operations?

Featured Speakers

Pieter van der Merwe
Regional Manager Sales & Business Development, Africa & Middle East Stratus Technologies

With more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, Pieter has a solid background in Mainframes, Datacenter Enterprise Servers, Networking and more recently Edge Solutions. In his previous role he was the Availability Solutions Architect for more than 10 years. Pieter has a deep understanding of Virtualization and high-end solutions for large corporate customers as well as Industrial Automation, production environments and Retail at the Edge. He manages a vast territory with many diverse cultures and social economic challenges.

Andre Hamann
CIO, NTT Motor Group

Andre Hamann has over 26 years’ experience in the IT and infrastructure on WAN (Wide Area Networks). He has working for the group now for 20 years as the CIO. Over the year as the group expand, he was involved to build the network and systems as it stands today. He oversees all 40-motor dealership full IT requirements and new developments and 3 Dealerships in Botswana. In the last 5 years we are busy with a project to go paperless and move everything possible to an electronic device to sign and received information electronically. The group strive to be in the forefront of development with technology. We run our own Intranet and interface with the Banks for credit application for credit approval to customers. The team that looks after the network are 5 strong and oversee 1500 Computers and 800 portable devices.