How to fast-track your projects with Stratus

How System Integrators can use speed as a competitive advantage

As projects grow more complex, System Integrators need to seek ways to meet the demand for intricate digitalization projects quickly. Watch this on-demand webinar and learn to use speed as an advantage while solving the common challenges seen by SIs.

Compelling copy, clear and straightforward, focus on benefits, not features, and use bullets to highlight the benefits.

  • Simplify complex projects
  • Conquer skills shortages
  • Increase revenue & reduce deployment costs
  • Why Stratus is a game-changer for partners
  • Real-world deployments & benefits for partners

Featured Speakers

Paul Herron

Senior Consultant, Industrial Automation·Stratus Technologies, A seasoned Process Control and Automation expert, I started work with a prominent manufacturer and have since held numerous technical roles with major automation suppliers. Selection of the most appropriate technology is my main driver. I believe that starts with understanding the customers’ needs and business drivers.

Kyle Pillay

Engineering Manager, PCS Global, With extensive experience in control system solutions, I am proficient in a variety of platforms including Siemens, AVEVA, Schneider, and Rockwell. I have successfully delivered multiple local and international integration projects across a diverse range of industries, including Platinum, Coal, Gold, and Pharmaceuticals.

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