Embracing the IT/OT Convergence

Performance, Traceability, and Resilience

Frost and Sullivan joins Stratus to discuss how companies whose IT and OT teams work closely together have an advantage. This webinar explores how IT and OT are evolving together and how edge computing is enabling these teams to achieve sustainable, resilient, and high performing operations. The team discussed:

  • Benefits and Competitive Advantages
  • The Journey of IT/OT Convergence
  • Challenges and Strategies for IT/OT Convergence

Featured Speakers

Stephen Greene
Stephen Greene is Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development at Stratus. Stephen joined the company in 2019 bringing expertise in creating growth and brands and in leading change to solve complex go-to-market challenges.

Sebastian Trolli
20 years of professional experience driving industries’ growth in the field of Industrial Automation & Software, Operational Technologies and Manufacturing, by: − Developing actionable, strategic and insightful market analysis. − Developing business opportunities from a technical perspective. − Partnering with sales organizations. • Specific expertise in: − Market

Rudy DeAnda
Rudy de Anda is Head of Global Strategic Alliances at Stratus Technologies. He is responsible for Automation and Technology Alliance Partnerships and the go to market strategies with ecosystem partners. Prior to Stratus, Rudy spent 10 years deploying controls and IIOT solutions into many verticals in both discrete and process industries. Rudy earned his BBA from the University of Central Arkansas.

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