Five Concrete Examples of Edge Computing Applications

Getting peak performance from Edge computing depends on your digital transformation journey

Join Edge computing expert, John Fryer, for a real-world discussion about how innovative companies are achieving peak performance from the shop floor to the control room. This webcast will help you better understand the “if, when and how” of leveraging edge computing in driving operational excellence.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the Edge Computing Maturity Model as you consider where you are in your journey and what you can do today
  • Gain insights into the steps you need to take to increase the effectiveness of your automation initiatives
  • Review examples that explain the results achieved by deploying Edge computing

Featured Speakers

John Fryer
Senior Director Industry Solutions, Stratus Technologies
John Fryer is the Senior Director Industry Solutions at Stratus Technologies, where he is responsible for go-to-market strategies and industry initiatives across all the company’s product lines. He has over 25 years of experience with systems and software products in a variety of engineering, marketing and executive roles at successful startups and major companies, including Motorola, Emerson Network Power and Oracle. His experience includes more than 15 years working with high-availability solutions for the enterprise, automation and networking industries. Focus areas include edge computing and digital transformation.

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