The Need for Speed: 3 Strategies for Quick Wins at the Edge

As we navigate these challenging times, organizations are facing pressure to quickly scale their supply chain to respond to demand shifts and remotely monitor application uptime in the face of work-from-home mandates. It’s no easy task, particularly considering that current supply resources cannot simply turn on a dime to ramp up production.

So how do you “home manage” applications to protect against failures, ensure product fulfillment and protect personnel all while making your business more dynamic? You follow three strategies related to:

  • Supply chain re-engineering
  • Remote application monitoring
  • Enhanced security

And modern edge computing, quickened with the right software, can enable these three approaches and speed your digital transformation.

Join Stratus Technologies’ Jason Andersen and ARC’s Craig Resnick to learn to implement these strategies at your business…and to do it quickly.

Featured Speakers

Jason Andersen
Vice President of Business Line Management, Stratus Technologies
Jason Andersen is Vice President of Business Line Management and leads the team responsible for setting the business strategy and product roadmaps for Stratus Products and Services. Jason has a deep understanding of both on-premise and cloud based infrastructure for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and has been responsible for the successful market delivery of hardware, software and cloud products and services for almost 20 years. He is currently spearheading the company’s initiatives to assist partners and customers evolve their existing Industrial Automation footprint into IIoT enabled architectures. Jason is frequently sought out for his thought leadership on industry trends, challenges and best practices. Prior to joining Stratus in 2013, Jason was Director of Product Line Management at Red Hat. In this role, he was responsible for the go to market strategy, and product introductions for JBoss Application Products. Jason also previously held Product Management positions at IBM Software Group.

Craig Resnick
Vice President ARC Advisory Group
Craig Resnick is the primary analyst for many of ARC’s Automation Supplier and Financial Services clients. Craig’s focus areas include Production Management, OEE, HMI Software, Automation Platforms, and Embedded Systems. Craig has 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing, product development, and project management in the industrial market, gained with major suppliers of PLCs, process control systems, power transmission equipment, and field devices. Craig is a graduate of Northeastern University with an MBA and BS in Electrical Engineering.

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