Solution Brief

Value Added Reseller (VAR) Program

Increase your profit and differentiate your offering with Edge Computing platforms

It is our aim at Stratus to provide our partners with platforms and services needed to create and implement machines and solutions of the highest quality, reliability, and performance. In most cases, VARs require compliance to Industry 4.0, digital transformation, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) initiatives and Stratus has developed a robust program to help make this happen.

A competitive advantage for Stratus partners

The VAR program is based around a relationship where you can confidently use Stratus products and services. This means providing you support to ensure all VAR needs are met and that your products and solutions perform as expected. It means increasing the value of your brand by providing your customers with a reliable machine or solution.

Powered by Stratus

When you become a Stratus VAR, your products and solutions will be promoted on the Stratus Partner Locator, where you will be able to promote your offering. In addition, you can use the “Powered by Stratus” badge on your website, promotional materials, as well as on your machine or solution, thereby increasing confidence that your offering is reliable, fault tolerant and always available.

Support you can profit from

Stratus offers our VAR Partners with Embedded Services. This support program protects your Edge Computing platform investment. Embedded Services maximizes value to customers by providing multiple VAR Partnership Tier Level Assignments to choose from, a variety of features built-in, and the scalability to select options based on current and future needs.

The following features are included as part of the Embedded Services:

  • Extended Product Warranty
  • Access Partner and Service Portals
  • Participation in online training and seminars
  • Resell Stratus Services
  • Instructor led training
  • Joint Business Review
  • Remote design consulting services
  • Priority remote commissioning support
  • Pre-deployment technical support
  • Memory Media retention
  • Options for spare parts/maintenance management
  • Remote System Health Alerts

“Most computer equipment needs to be replaced every five years. This is a recurring and time-consuming investment if you have twenty computers on the bridge and in various locations on the vessel. By comparison, with AlViVi and Stratus Technologies, there is a lot less hardware to replace. It is all in one location and the platform itself needs replacing only once every seven or eight years.”
Johan van Rikxoort
Product Manager, Alewijnse

Simplify, protect, automate your machines and solutions

At Stratus we focus our support on two types of VARs— Machine Builders and Solution Builders.

Machine Builders, also called Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), are VARs who have specialized knowledge combining mechanical engineering and automation which they use to embed Stratus platforms into control schemes and equipment.

Solution Builders are VARs that add features and capabilities to Stratus platforms by combining them with a variety of hardware and software to solve customer requirements. Solutions Builders have expertise in interfacing control systems to higher level computing, such as the cloud and the enterprise.

“Stratus is a visionary in meeting the needs of machine builders who need to develop new offerings for Industry 4.0 environments and IIoT technology. Stratus’ unique box of available technology—virtualization, redundancy, protection, security, customizable availability, and industrial interoperability—is a leap forward over traditional IPCs and server configuration.”
Michele Vario
OEM and Business Development Director, Wonderware Italia

Be part of the Stratus partner family—join us

Join our growing list of satisfied customers and partners. Stratus offers zero touch Edge Computing platforms that simplify, protect, and automate digitally transforming business-critical operations. For over four decades, we have protected our partners and customers from significant financial and reputational risk by securely and reliably delivering actionable information to applications on site, in the data center, and in the Cloud.

We extend these benefits to the Edge so VARs can create machines and solutions that maximize operational efficiency and improve performance and safety, while minimizing unplanned downtime and cost. Making your business more profitable and your customer’s life easier and more productive.

At Stratus, our mission is VAR success

We want you to be part of our family too. Contact your nearest Stratus professional for more information or visit us at

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