Solution Brief

Stratus Edge Computing for Smart Machines

An easy to use, scalable and extensible solution for Machine Builders

In the same way that machine automation, using PLCs and PACs, revolutionized machine designs a generation ago, Smart Factories and Smart Manufacturing are now evolving the industrial world again.

Smart Machines are at the foundation of Smart Manufacturing and Smart Factories. They are machines – equipped with the latest security features, embedded with IIoT capable sensors, intelligent controllers, HMI/SCADA systems, and advance applications like MES, historians, asset performance managers, analytics, and AI—that have taken advantage of the advances in digital technology.

The availability of Edge Computing in recent years has extended the capabilities of Smart Machines even further. Stratus’ simple-to-configure and easy-to-install Edge Computing platforms are the first choice of VARs and machine builders who do not have the luxury of employing field-based IT professionals.

  • ztC™ Edge is a secure, rugged, highly automated Edge Computing platform that can be embedded to help increase operational efficiency and eliminate downtime while enabling the quick, easy delivery of highly available virtualized edge applications.
  • ftServer® is a redundant, rack mount edge server that delivers better than five-nines availability, virtually eliminating unplanned downtime and data loss by ensuring all transactions are executed and services are continuously available.

Key Benefits

  • A scalable, agile platform – A single platform enabling standard automation, control, and thin client applications to run one or multiple machines, supporting flex factories, while virtualization allows complex applications like historians, analytics, MES, and AI to run simultaneously.
  • Industrial grade and edge ready – the ztC™ Edge uses a fan-less design, rated at –20 to 60 °C, 95% @ 40 °C (non-condensing), 10G, 11 ms, 1.5 Grms @ 5 – 500 Hz vibration, and Class I Division 2 certified.
  • Integrated redundancy and virtualization – Stratus platforms have redundancy and virtualization pre-integrated and configured out of the box, eliminating unplanned downtime risks and enabling you to combine multiple applications within a single platform.
  • Single partner from edge to enterprise – Stratus platforms integrate seamlessly with your customer’s control architecture, providing a common vendor from your machines at the edge to control rooms, command centers, enterprise, and the cloud.

Smart Machines require Edge Computing

Edge Computing augments the PLCs embedded into machines by enabling peripheral control and automation software and other applications to be consolidated into a single platform, while enabling other critical applications to run on the same platform. This makes it easier to develop smart, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enabled machines, and to easily add future applications that support customers’ evolving Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing demands.

When implemented correctly, Edge Computing enables a smooth evolution from the digitized equipment of today to digitalized machines that are integrated into a customer’s operations. This includes multiple capabilities such as cloud connectivity to fully integrated Smart Machines that embrace Digital Transformation without the need for complex retrofitting and redesign whether incorporated in original architectures or during follow-on versions of enabled equipment.

Digitalization is not a CHOICE. It is the direction Machine Builders need to take to create Smarter Machines and new performance and maintenance services.

Scalable and reliable Edge Computing platforms for Machine Builders

Stratus provides a scalable line of platforms that supports any Edge Computing requirement. Their inherent redundancy protects machines from unplanned downtime. Redundancy is built into the operating system and performs all critical functions automatically, with no application modifications, scripts, extended tuning, unique set-up, or added installation.

Service as a revenue stream

Stratus’ active monitoring enables Machine Builders to examine and report the system health and performance of their customers’ machines. Machine Builders can also run predictive failure analysis, offering advance analytics as an additional service.

This complements the ztC Advisor, a systems management solution that simplifies the centralized monitoring and management of multiple edge computing platforms. Through a secure web-based portal, customers can quickly and easily view the health and utilization of their entire ztC Edge inventory, helping them remotely triage issues, improve productivity, and mitigate risk.

Add to this the Stratus’ remote cloud service—a secure, cloud-based Stratus repository that enables Machine Builders to safely transmit, store and retrieve Edge Computing platform profiles and user preference templates from the cloud, enabling easy system backup and restore.

Combined with the VAR Embedded Services, machine builders now have a substantial services option that can be offered to customers.

With Stratus active monitoring, remote cloud service, and dedicated services program, Machine Builders can create additional revenue streams that are simple to implement and easy to maintain, while at the same time highly profitable.

Connect your Smart Machine to the Enterprise and Cloud

Why should Machine Builders rely on Stratus?

Machine Builders are good at building machines. Most of their personnel, particularly those serving industrial customers, however, often do not have deep software or IT backgrounds. Therefore, deploying Edge Computing should be easy but, at the same time, powerful, reliable, and extremely flexible. For 40 years, Stratus has provided reliable and redundant zero-touch computing, enabling global Fortune 500 companies and small-to-medium sized businesses to securely and remotely turn data into actionable intelligence at the Edge, control center and cloud—driving uptime and efficiency.

Here are the benefits Machine Builders get from using Stratus Edge Computing platforms:

1. Simple

a. Ease of management – As easy as unplugging the cables and plugging in another node. Resynchronization takes place automatically.
b. Ease of support – Built-in diagnostics with easy recovery simplify support.
c. Faster commissioning time – Easy set-up and preloaded software reduce time to deploy.

2. Protected

a. Integrated virtualization and redundancy – Both are pre-integrated and configured. Nodes are hot swappable, self-recognizing and auto synchronizing. No package hardware pairs or clustering that need to be specially cabled together or configured.
b. Enhanced security – A host-based firewall allows for blacklists or whitelists. Restricted USB ports help prevent the spread of malware. Secure boot prevents cyber attacks.
c. Industrial grade – A compact fan-less configuration can be wall or DIN rail mounted inside your machine control panel and is rated at –20 to 60 °C, 95% @ 40 °C (non-condensing), 10G, 11 ms, 1.5 Grms @ 5 – 500 Hz vibration, and Class I Division 2 certified.

3. Autonomous

a. Granular access to systems status – Applications and virtual machine performance information, CPU usage, memory utilization, and disk space are reported.
b. System health and support – Ability to monitor health 24×7, set thresholds and receive alerts, review logs, run predictive failure analysis, and automatically update and manage patches.

Join us in excelling at the edge

We invite you to join our growing list of satisfied customers and partners. For decades, we have protected our partners and customers from significant operational, financial and reputational risk by being their leading OT and IT partner for zero touch Edge Computing platforms that simplify, protect, and automate digitally transforming business-critical operations. We extend these benefits to Machine Builders creating machines that maximize operational efficiency and improve performance and safety, while minimizing unplanned downtime and cost. Making your business more profitable and your customer’s life easier and more productive is our focus.

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For more information

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