Stratus® ztC™ Edge Security Essentials

Actively mitigating edge computing risk

Stratus follows a three-part strategy to secure its products, keep them secure, and enable partners and customers to more easily secure their computer systems.

1. We develop our products in a secure way

ztC Edge includes both open source software and code written by Stratus. All open source modules are inspected and patched if necessary, to ensure that secure versions are being used. In addition, the product is routinely scanned during development for known vulnerabilities, and actions are taken to mitigate any critical findings.

2. We incorporate cyber security capabilities into our products

Stratus ztC Edge ships with numerous features designed to help non-security experts easily secure their edge computing systems. A host-based firewall allows users to blacklist or whitelist specific IP addresses, domain names, protocols, or ports. Restricted USB ports are designed to prevent unauthorized devices from gaining control of the system and spreading viruses. Role-based access controls, with enhanced password management and active directory integration, help restrict system access to authorized users and groups. All data sent between ztC Edge nodes is through secure, encrypted channels, as is communication to and from Stratus. Secure trusted boot ensures system startup by only signed and verified bootloader, BIOS, device driver, and OS files.

3. We work with our industry peers to continuously monitor for vulnerabilities, and quickly provide customers security updates

Stratus, together with other technology vendors and government organizations (e.g. Intel, AMD, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, Google, Facebook, Amazon, MITRE, etc.), belongs to a security coalition that continually identifies, qualifies, and publishes information about known security vulnerabilities. Stratus continually creates, tests, and distributes security patches that are applicable for ztC Edge, posting them on a secure download site, and alerting our customers. Stratus support teams are also available 24x7x365 to help customers patch and update their systems.

Stratus mitigates Edge Computing risk

Secure development Built-incyber security capabilities Continuous testing and updating

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