IoT Edge Computing 2020: Edge Architecture and Platform Trends

An On Demand IOT Analytics-hosted webinar, sponsored by Stratus

Join this webinar to hear IoT Analytics’ analyst Matthew Wopata and Stratus’ Jason Andersen discuss current trends around Edge Architectures and Edge Computing. The session will cover recent advances in Edge Computing as well as best practices seen across a wide range of use cases in manufacturing, energy, building management, transportation and other industries.

You’ll learn:

  • Approaches to common edge architectures
  • Developments in the Edge Computing platform market
  • Characteristics of today’s best practices at the edge

Featured Speakers

Jason Andersen
Vice President of Strategy, Stratus Technologies
Jason is responsible for setting the product roadmaps and go to market strategies for Stratus Products and Services. He has a deep understanding of both on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure and has been responsible for the successful market delivery of products and services for almost 20 years.

Matt Wopata
Principle Analyst, IoT Analytics
Matthew is a principal analyst based in the U.S. focusing on industrial technologies. He is IoT Analytics’ lead expert for Industrial IoT, including Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Software.

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