5 Edge Opportunities for SI’s to Maximize Revenue in 2024

System Integrators continue to face the challenge of doing more with less – supporting complex operations while meeting production schedules with limited  resources while innovating to increase efficiency, maximize safety, and reduce risk. Edge computing offers key opportunities for SI’s to add value for end users by offering a wide range of software, service models, and future proof control architectures. In this session, you will learn about 5 Edge Computing opportunities for SI’s to generate revenue and maximize profitability in 2024, including: 

  • Shifting from tech refresh projects to value add engineering engagements 
  • Modernization projects that maximize reliability and lay a future proof foundation for software solutions 
  • Emerging applications that comprise a modern OT/IT stack 
  • How Edge Computing architectures simplify project management for profitability 
  • Ways Edge Computing enables long tail revenue by offering post deployment services

Featured Speakers

Rudy De Anda, Head of Strategic Alliances for Stratus

Rudy De Anda is the Head of Strategic Alliances for Stratus where he is responsible for alliance relationships in the industrial automation and edge markets. Rudy joined Stratus in November 2019 in this capacity and is responsible for creating the strategy and go-to-market plans for developing new technical and automation alliances with ecosystem partners. Rudy possesses deep industry expertise in industrial automation, technical sales, and business development, drawing on his wide expertise across many verticals in both discrete and process automation control and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) solutions.

DoShik Wood, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Stratus 

DoShik focuses on the use of Edge Computing in mission-critical operations across industrial automation. He has 15+ years of experience in industrial software, automation, and product development processes spanning a range of industries.

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