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Next Generation Edge

Use zero-touch edge computing from Stratus to accelerate your digital transformation

Digital transformation is taking place in industries as varied as manufacturing, energy distribution, and retail for use cases as diverse as industrial automation, supply chain optimization, and point of sale. Increasingly, data analysis is occurring at the edge, closer to where data is being generated, as companies seek to use data and insights generated at the edge of their corporate networks to improve business processes and remain competitive. Not only is this edge analysis essential for real time decision making, but it also improves security and reduces the costs associated with moving data.

However, many are finding their efforts frustrated by the lack of suitable computing infrastructure to support their IoT and digital transformation initiatives. Forward-looking companies are leveraging proven, purpose-built edge computing solutions to accelerate their Edge to Enterprise digital transformation. Edge computing introduces a unique set of requirements, including rugged, secure, highly automated computing infrastructure that is needed for understaffed conditions typical of remote, inaccessible edge locations. Furthermore, the types of computing workloads often running within these edge locations can vary significantly. Finding an edge computing platform that can support these diverse set of requirements can be a challenge, but is critical to simplifying, protecting, and automating your digitally transforming business-critical operations.

Key Benefits

  • Increased reliability: Rugged, redundant, and resilient Stratus platforms instantly improve the reliability of your edge computing environment, minimizing unplanned downtime
  • Better security: Secure protocols and default security settings minimize attack surfaces and help mitigate physical and cyber-security risk
  • Improved operational efficiency: Designed for OT and based on IT standards, automated Stratus platforms are easy to manage and maintain, saving you time
  • Greater agility: Standards-based and interoperable platforms help you respond more rapidly to changing business needs, even as you introduce new applications in remote locations
  • Faster time to value: Easy to deploy and integrate, using Stratus platforms shortens payback and improves ROI


Stratus offers a diverse portfolio of IIoT-ready edge computing platforms, from converged hardware and software platforms that are ideal for local data center and edge compute workloads, to software only platforms that are easily incorporated into VAR edge solutions. Meeting the needs and requirements of both operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) professionals, these simple, protected, and autonomous platforms help you increase utilization and minimize risk in harsh operating environments and locations with limited staffing. Status platforms:

  • Are simple to deploy, manage and maintain
  • Protect your applications and data from system failure and cyber-attack
  • Automatically monitors and administers itself

Stratus platforms support a wide variety of workloads and support a wide range of deployment options.

ztC™ Edge is a secure, rugged, highly automated edge computing platform that helps increase operational efficiency and eliminate downtime by simplifying and protecting business-critical applications. Easy to deploy, secure, and manage—both locally and remotely, ztC Edge has built-in virtualization, automated protection, and OT manageability that enables the quick, easy delivery of highly available virtualized edge applications.

ftServer® is a redundant, rack mount edge server that delivers better than five-nines availability, virtually eliminating unplanned downtime and data loss. Lock-step processing ensures all transactions are executed and services are continuously available.

everRun® is a versatile, edge virtualization software platform that delivers instant protection for applications and data. Highly customizable and compatible with a wide range of industry standard computing hardware, everRun is easily embedded into third party VAR solutions requiring greater reliability.

  ztC Edge ftServer everRun
Form factor Rugged, compact, converged edge compute platform Redundant, rack mount, edge server (with choice of operating environment) Edge virtualization platform
Deployment On machine, in control panel, on plant floor: Uses AC or DC power In control room, or local data center: Uses AC power Embedded in VAR solution
Capacity Up to 4 VMs or workloads 10 to 30 VMs Depends on hardware, up to 24 VMs
Workloads Single machine or line visualization and control (SCADA), building automation, intelligent gateway, and real time streaming data analysis Consolidation of multiple operations, production lines or plant workloads, complex event processing, and multi-site batch analysis and orchestration Those requiring instant and greater reliability for applications and data


For customers looking to accelerate their digital transforma­tion initiatives at the edge of their corporate networks, Stratus offers zero-touch Edge Computing platforms to help improve operational efficiency and speed time to value. Unlike other third-party alternatives based on industrial PCs or commodity-off-the-shelf (COTS) IT servers, Stratus’ simple, protected, and autonomous computing platforms are easy to deploy, manage and service—making them ideal for running high performance workloads at resource-constrained edge locations.

Why Stratus

For leaders digitally transforming their operations in order to drive predictable, peak performance with minimal risk, Stratus ensures the continuous availability of business-critical applications by delivering zero-touch Edge Computing platforms that are simple to deploy and maintain, protected from interruptions and threats, and autonomous. For 40 years, we have provided reliable and redundant zero-touch computing, enabling global Fortune 500 companies and small-to-medium sized businesses to securely and remotely turn data into actionable intelligence at the Edge, cloud and data center—driving uptime and efficiency.

For more information

Please contact your local systems integrator, channel partner, or Stratus sales representative to explore further how Stratus’ edge computing platforms might be right for you. More information about ztC Edge, ftServer, and everRun can be found at

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