Solution Brief

Stratus® ftScalable™ Storage Family

Open fault-tolerant storage platform for high performance applications

Real time data is growing. So it’s no surprise that improving data storage recovery and managing data growth is a top priority for organizations. Security and compliance regulations, performance bottlenecks, fast, accurate data recovery, scalability and ensuring data availability are all challenges that need to be addressed to achieve successful data management.

Stratus’ ftScalable G4, seamlessly integrated with ftServer is the next generation hybrid storage array that optimizes performance and simplifies data storage and management, while minimizing costs, for an always-on complete availability/storage solution.

It packs maximum performance and availability into an economical, scalable, 2U powerhouse. This high-performance, modular array addresses dedicated, shared, and networked storage requirements allowing you to dynamically configure and grow your system as quickly as needed. Advanced storage capabilities enabled by pooled storage maximize performance and availability of spinning or solid-state based storage. The ftScalable storage array plays an integral role in critical application solutions and serves as a key element in disaster recovery, business continuity and regulatory compliance strategies.

Key features

Increase performance and reduce costs with Real-Time Data Tiering
Autonomically measures data usage, identifies “hot” spots as they occur and continuously moves data to the best tier in real time, even as that data usage pattern changes minute by minute.

Increase cache capacity and IOPs performance with Read Cache
Supports SSD/HDD configurations that dramatically increases the amount of read-cache available to the storage system. Using one or two SSDs in the storage configuration automatically activates the read-cache function which can improve overall performance of read intensive applications and workloads.

Save by purchasing only what you need with Thin Provisioning
Streamlines the tasks of provisioning and modifying volumes, allowing IT managers to respond to data growth as needed. User friendly reporting provides constant feedback on volumes, approaching thresholds, allocation, and over-allocation. IT managers can add storage when needed, easily expanding volumes non-disruptively.

Get 100% dedicated device assignment with LUN Pinning
Allows IT managers to pin certain applications to the high performance tier to assure that mission critical applications are always prioritized on SSDs or high-performance drives.

Improve system up-time and data protection with Quick Rebuilds
Rebuilds only the data that is being used, restoring fault-tolerance with 2-5x the performance of standard rebuild designs.

Accelerate business processes with Pooled Storage
Automatically virtualizes storage across device types and simplifies disk management in heterogeneous environments while enabling a wide array of advanced features, such as thin provisioning, rapid RAID rebuild, and tiering.

Streamline storage management with the Management Console
Includes performance monitoring, a dashboard for provisioning and storage tiering, provisioning reports by volume, wizards for configuration, installation and provisioning and customized views of storage.

Prevent unauthorized access to data with Encryption Drives
Provides data security through full disk encryption with support for Seagate® Full Disk Encryption (FDE). Self-encrypting drives encrypt every write operation and decrypt every read operation without user intervention. FDE drives remain fully protected with an encryption key.

24/7/365 Worldwide comprehensive solution services

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System Specifications
Storage System Summary
Chassis configuration  2U, 24 Small Format Factor (SFF) drives
Maximum chassis modules  6
Maximum disks 144
Maximum capacity (full array)  259/115 TB HDD/SSD
RAID levels  1, 5, 6, 10
Host ports  4 per controller/8 per array
Host connectivity  16 Gb Fibre Channel, 10 Gb Ethernet, or mix-and-match
High-performance cache technology  DupliCache; EnviroStor
  Auto-Tiering & Snapshot
Drive Type
  Please visit disk drive matrix for supported disk drives
Availability Features
Redundant components  RAID I/O modules; power supplies fans
Hot standby spare  Yes 
Automatic controller failover  Yes 
Multi-path I/O support  Yes 
Quick rebuild Yes
Hot-swappable, field serviceable  Drives, RAID I/O modules; power supplies/fans
Power and Packaging
Input voltage  100 – 240 VAC; 50 Hz, 60 Hz
4.5 A max., per unit, 400 W
Enclosure dimensions (H x W x D)  3.5″ (2U) x 17.6″ x 24.8″ (rackmount)
Weight (fully loaded)  53 lbs/24 kg
Environmental RoHS, China RoHS, WEEE

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