ftServer® V Series 2810 System

Continuous availability with stability and power for VOS applications

The Stratus ftServer V Series 2810 System delivers continuous availability with high performance in an operationally simple solution for VOS Applications.

Stratus servers running the OpenVOS operating system are highly valued for their ability to deliver industry-leading availability.

The V Series 2810 combines the stability of the OpenVOS operating system with the power of ten Intel® Xeon® processor cores.

Key Benefit

  • Continuous processing features
    Like other Stratus systems, V Series servers use Continuous Processing technology to safeguard availability without the operational complexity and added costs inherent in high-availability clusters. Built-in fault tolerance eliminates the failover scripting, repeated testing and application changes required with server clusters.
  • Lockstep technology
    With Stratus’ lockstep technology, replicated, fault-tolerant hardware components process the same instructions at the same time. In the event of a component malfunction, the partner component acts as an active spare that continues normal operation. There is no system downtime and no data loss.
V Series 2810 systems combine the stability of OpenVOS with the power of 10 Intel® Xeon® Silver processor cores.

The V Series 2810 features a dual modular redundancy (DMR) hardware architecture engineered to provide greater than 99.999% availability right out-of-the-box. The V Series 2810 handles unprecedented levels of online transaction processing (OLTP) for applications such as trading systems in financial services and point-of-sale (POS) debit and credit card authorization. With exceptional headroom for application growth, these servers ensure unequaled investment protection.

Taking advantage of the performance and capacity of V Series servers couldn’t be simpler. You benefit from familiar VOS functionality that includes the availability protection you’ve come to rely on. Moving your mission-critical applications to V Series servers is easy and uncomplicated. Your existing Continuum®-based applications can be migrated by recompiling the application. Or call on Stratus Professional Services experts to assist with the migration. After migrating, you’ll find that ftServer V Series systems and applications will interoperate with your installed PA-RISC® servers running VOS. The same exceptional serviceability you are accustomed to —including server self-monitoring, the Stratus Remote Service Network (RSN™), and Comprehensive Service coverage*—continues to defend against unplanned downtime around the clock.

** Customers must have a Stratus Assured Availability Services Agreement in effect to receive coverage.

ftServer V Series 2810 System Specifications

Processor Memory
Logical processors 1 socket (per CRU**)
Processor Processor Intel® Xeon® Silver 4210; 2.2 GHz, 10 core
Cores 10 (per CRU**)
L3 cache 23.75 MB (Shared, per processor socket)
Intel QPI speed 9.6 GT/s
Memory 16 GB
I/O Subsystem
PCI adapter slots 4 PCIe 3 x8 (2 per CRU**) low-profile
4 PCIe 3 x8 (2 per CRU**) full height
Storage Subsystem/RAID Array
RAID configuration from factory RAID 1
Maximum chassis modules 1 logical, 2 physical
Disk drives supported 600 GB (2.5″ 15K RPM SAS)
1.8 TB (2.5″” 10K RPM SAS)”
800 GB encryption ready Solid State Disk (2.5″ SAS)
Maximum disks 24 logical, 48 physical (in a RAID 1 configuration)
Maximum disks per chassis module 24 physical
Host interface 16 Gbps fibre channel
Fibre channel switches N/A
Embedded I/O
10/100/1000 Ethernet ports 4 (2 per CRU**)
10 Gigabit Ethernet ports 4 (2 per CRU**)
Serial (com) ports 2 (9-pin ports per system, console and RSN use only)
PCI Adapters
Dual-port fibre channel 16 Gbps 2 included in base configuration (1 per CRU**)
1 Gigabit 4-port Ethernet (copper) up to 6 optional (3 per CRU**)
1 Gigabit 4-port Ethernet (fiber) up to 6 optional (3 per CRU**)
Remote service network Standard
Hot-swappable components CPU and I/O modules, disks
Operating System
OpenVOS Version 19.3.1 or later
Power and Packaging
Input voltage 200-240 VAC; 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Cabinet Stratus supplied 38U
Weight Max Weight 431 kg (950 lbs.)

** CRU – Customer Replaceable Unit.

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