C•Cure with everRun

Continuous and High Availability Virtualization Software for C•Cure Access Control Systems

Software House offers several methods for ensuring maximum uptime for a C•CURE® system. When evaluating a solution, the end user must balance the cost and complexity of the system with their “return to operation” (RTO) and availability requirements.

Reliability and Availability for Critical Security Infrastructure

Traditionally, businesses have been challenged with the cost and complexity of an availability solution to keep their security infrastructure up and running. To achieve availability easily and affordably, Software House has selected an availability solution that provides the highest levels of availability at a cost similar to that of backup and failover solutions.

Key Benefit

  • Ensures business continuity and data integrity by keeping C•Cure sytems up and running—easily and affordably
  • Provides cost-effective availability efficiently with two off-the-shelf x86 servers and your choice of storage in one easy to use product. Other methods of achieving availability require additional servers, expensive storage options and a separate virtualization product
  • Installs easily without modifications to applications or the need for specialized IT skills making it ideal for remote locations
  • Validated to operate on C•Cure 9000 and C•Cure 800/8000


SplitSite, an integrated everRun add-on, provides metro-wide offsite application availability across geographically separated sites using synchronous replication. This feature is available in both everRun Enterprise and everRun Express at a fixed price.

Split-site configurations are limited to 10ms round trip A-Link latency for high availability VMs and 2ms round trip A-Link latency for continuous availability VMs. Separation of up to 10km (using 1000BASE-LX) is a common A-Link network topology that can meet the latency requirements for most deployments.

Use of quorum is required for SplitSite configurations to protect against data loss (due to split brain) and to safely enable VMs to start up automatically if a second everRun physical machine (node) or site has failed. Quorum availability is improved if quorum is placed at a third location and an appropriate quorum networking design is implemented.

Specific training or professional services assistance is necessary to deploy SplitSite correctly and a SplitSite license is required to receive technical support on a SplitSite configuration.



ARCServe, a 3rd party disaster recovery add-on that uses asynchronous replication over a WAN, can be used as either a complementary product to everRun or between two single machines at two sites without everRun at either site. This product is licensed for three different configurations:

ARCServe Licenses:

  1. Virtual Machine to Virtual Machine (V2V): An everRun system located at each site with ARCServe providing DR between these sites. This is the lowest cost license, because the customer uses everRun on both sites.
  2. Virtual Machine to Primary Machine (V2P): everRun running on the primary site and a single machine at the DR site
  3. Primary Machine to Primary Machine (P2P): A single machine at the primary and DR site. This is the highest cost license, because the customer does not have any everRun in the solution.

The second configuration and license is the most common—it combines the power of continuous availability for local protection with industry leading continuous data replication technology to address off-site disaster recovery requirements. everRun with ARCServe helps both large and small IT organizations address the full range of threats to application availability with a single unified solution, simplifying a complex and multi-tiered problem.

Together, C•CURE with everRun, will keep your customer environments always-secure and always-on.

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