How to build better HMI/SCADA solutions using Edge Computing

How to use the edge to solve the challenges in monitoring and control

Traditional HMI/SCADA designs have served the industry well, but there’s always room for improvement. With digitalization comes an Edge Computing-based approach that redefines what “Best-in-Class” looks like in monitoring and control system architecture.

Edge Computing platforms solve many of the common challenges faced by engineers when deploying or operating HMI and SCADA in their automation and control systems.

Read this whitepaper to:

  • Learn the inherent advantages of Edge Computing for resolving persistent HMI and SCADA design challenges
  • Understand what an edge-based, fully consolidated, and downtime-proof industrial control system architecture looks like
  • Find out, through real-world examples, how customers benefited from a migration to an edge-based monitoring and control system


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