Innovating Pharma at the Edge: Improving Performance, Quality and Compliance

Improving operational efficiency is the top business priority for pharma and life sciences organizations worldwide while ensuring safety, quality and compliance. Edge Computing offers the right degree of flexibility, security, and speed to enable companies to adopt innovative manufacturing models, meeting the key challenges of the industry.

Why it matters

In this webinar, IDC analysts explain the challenges and opportunities for Pharma to achieve digitally enabled operations, how a strategic, enterprise-wide approach enforces data integrity and quality, how to achieve a unified 360 Edge-to-Enterprise view by leveraging Edge Computing to integrate IT and operational systems and harness real-time data.

Watch this webcast to learn

  • The role for digitalization in pharma operational excellence and manufacturing modernization
  • How to innovate in the highly regulated environment of pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Unlocking your IT and OT data to streamline operations, improve decision making and enable innovative models such as continuous manufacturing and real time batch releases
  • How Edge Computing allows pharma organizations to orchestrate physical and digital resources in real-time and serve a growing number of use cases and pain-points
  • – What the right Edge Computing platform delivers for intelligent pharmaceutical manufacturing models

Featured Speakers

Silvia Piai
Research Director, IDC Health Insights Europe

Nino Giguashvili
Research Manager, IDC Health Insights EMEA

Greg Hookings
Industry Director, Stratus Technologies

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