How to protect your Inductive Automation software from unplanned downtime using Edge Computing Platforms

Use Stratus Edge Computing to make your already high performing Ignition applications even better

Watch Travis Cox, Chief Technology Evangelist at Inductive Automation and Rudy de Anda, Head of Strategic Alliances at Stratus Technology, talk about how to leverage Edge Computing platforms to simplify, enhance, and protect your automation and control solutions based on Ignition software.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to leverage Stratus Edge Computing platforms to help integrate and protect your Inductive Automation HMI and SCADA solutions from unplanned downtime
  • How to simplify and scale your Ignition solutions, enforce standardization, and reduce licensing costs using edge-based virtualization.
  • How to reduce complexity from creating, operating, and maintaining your Ignition based automation and control systems.

Supercharge Your Inductive Automation rollout with resilient edge computing platforms from Stratus Technologies

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