Fueling Growth: Stratus ftServer Empowers Direct Transact’s Banking Services and Payment Solutions

Dirk Labuschagne, Chief Information Security Officer, Highlights the Role of Stratus Technology in 20 Years of Success

Processing over 40 billion rands monthly, Direct Transact is a prominent player in outsourced banking services and payment solutions in South Africa. Dirk Labuschagne, Chief Information Security Officer, highlights Stratus ftServer’s role in the 20-year history of partnership. The decision to invest in Stratus technology has undoubtedly proven to be a valuable one. Labuschagne expresses their ongoing commitment to employing Stratus’ equipment in the future, as they expand to other markets.

Strategic partnerships drive Direct Transact’s success in both banking and retail sectors. The adoption of Stratus ftServer was based on software provider recommendation and standout features.

Stratus ftServer offers high availability, reliability, and built-in redundancy, aligning with Direct Transact’s growth needs. Direct Transact runs the Postilion real-time transaction processing system on Stratus servers and their ability to hot-swap components ensures uninterrupted operations.

Dirk Labuschagne reaffirms the company’s continued commitment to integrating Stratus’ technology in their future expansion efforts.

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