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Edge systems management for everyone

At the edge of corporate networks, completing even routine IT tasks can be a challenge. Take for example, your edge computing infrastructure management. How do you effectively maintain at peak performance the servers and workstations needed to support your critical edge workloads, in the harsh, isolated environments typical of the edge?And what do you do when that computing infrastructure grows to support your growing business? How do you efficiently monitor and manage your growing edge computing environment, maximizing performance, availability, and resource utilization? How do you quickly identify and address issues before they become more serious problems?

Key Benefits

  • Improved productivity: Efficiently manage your entire ztC Edge platform inventory
  • Faster time to value: Gets started quickly, with minimal set up and training
  • Risk mitigation: Triage issues faster, prevent them from becoming more serious problems

Consider ztC Advisor

For OT and IT professionals that need a simple, effective way to remotely monitor and manage their distributed, multi-unit ztC Edge computing environment, Stratus offers ztC Advisor. A web-based systems management solution with centralized at-a-glance views of system heath, resource usage, and software versioning, ztC Advisor helps customers increase operational efficiency and productivity, and minimize risk. Unlike other systems management tools, ztC Advisor requires minimal setup, configuration, and training, helping administrators of all backgrounds become productive faster.

“With an intuitive interface, ztC Advisor is very easy to use—for admins of all backgrounds.”
David Edwards
Cybersecurity Systems Engineer, Velta Technology

Key features

ztC Advisor is a systems management solution that anyone can use. ztC Advisor simplifies the centralized monitoring and management of multiple edge computing platforms. Through a secure web-based portal, customers can quickly and easily view the health and utilization of their entire ztC Edge inventory, helping them remotely triage issues, improve productivity, and mitigate risk. Its key features include:

Comprehensive asset management
Provides a comprehensive, centralized overview of one’s entire ztC Edge platform inventory—both deployed and un-provisioned. Individual ztC Edge platforms are further identified by hardware type and software version. Accurate, holistic asset information makes it easier for administrators to maximize resource utilization and optimize hardware refresh and software patching schedules.

Real-time system status
Dashboard provides centralized up-to-the-minute status of individual systems and their resource utilization. Six different “health states”—Critical Alarm, Lost Communication, Warning, Information, OK/Healthy, Not Provisioned—allow administrators to easily see at-a-glance which platforms require their immediate action, and which ones can wait. Administrators can sort and filter by state, allowing them to triage issues faster and take the necessary actions to mitigate risk.

User-defined groups, sorting and filtering
Customers can define their own user groups and assign individual systems to them. They can also sort and filter the information in the dashboard by groups, as well as key words, to quickly get to the information they need. One-click connection from ztC Advisor to the ztC Edge Console for an individual platform provides a shortcut to its administrative interface, eliminating the need to retrieve or remember DNS names or IP addresses and resume troubleshooting.

Secure push technology
A secure connection between ztC Advisor and your ztC Edge platforms protects your data and systems, minimizing cyber-security risk. It’s pub/sub (publish/subscribe) architecture works well with firewall implementations and reduced points of egress. Furthermore, data transfers are limited (e.g. only system data and metadata), and only secure, encrypted channels (e.g. TLS 1.2) are used.

Integration with Stratus Service Portal and ztC Edge platforms
Unlike other centralized monitoring and management tools, ztC Advisor is easy to set up and start using, helping administrators of all skill levels quickly get up to speed and be productive. One click enablement from the ztC Edge Console automatically sets up the corresponding ztC Edge platform to be visible and present data through ztC Advisor, minimizing setup and configuration time. Tight integration with the Stratus Service Portal allows customers to use their existing support credentials to access ztC Advisor.


Technical specifications

  • ztC Advisor requires an Internet connection and browser. ztC Advisor supports all major browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  • For more comprehensive state and resource information, ztC Edge platforms should be running Stratus Redundant Linux (SRL) version 2.2 or higher
  • Access to ztC Advisor requires valid Stratus support credentials (user id and password)
  • Enabling quick connect from ztC Advisor to a specific ztC Edge platform requires a routable address (plus individual platform credentials)

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