Stratus ztC™ Edge Services

Maximize platform reliability and performance with System Support and System Health Add-ons

Stratus provides a range of Support offerings with a single focus: to enable continuous platform availability and uptime for customers’ critical applications. To fulfill our promise of continuous availability, we’ve built our Edge Computing platforms to be serviced and maintained while in operation, without disruption or downtime.
Stratus Support provides the essential set of “wrap around” services—from basic support to proactive uptime monitoring—that ensure the health of Stratus platforms and free customers’ resources for other value-add activity.

Customize your support level

Stratus offers a core bundle of essential technical support services—called System Support—as well as a comprehensive set of System Health add-ons, to help customers customize their support services, and pay for only what they need. Included with System Support is 8×5 web-based technical support, for the system’s rugged hardware, virtualization software, and availability layer. Also included are free software updates and upgrades, root cause problem determination by Stratus availability experts, and secure access to online self-service support resources. Possible System Health add-ons include upgrading to 24×7 web and phone-based technical support with a 30 minute response SLA, advance parts exchange, media retention, and proactive uptime monitoring services. With System Support and System Health add-ons, Stratus helps ensure business uptime. And with Stratus monitoring your ztC Edge platforms for you, you’ve freed up time to focus on other value added activities.

Key Benefit

  • Mitigate downtime risk: Ensure the continuous availability of your ztC Edge platforms by getting prompt access to the help you need—online case management, phone support, or self-service portal resources.
  • Save time: Rely on Stratus experts to monitor your ztC Edge platforms, review alerts and log files, and produce any needed root cause analyses. That way, you don’t have to, saving you time and effort.
  • Save money: Customize your support services, and only pay for what you need.
  • Improve productivity: Free up your engineers to focus on other value added edge priorities, by leveraging Stratus availability experts to proactively prevent issues from becoming more serious problems.


Service level Features
8×5 web-based support ✔ 
Root cause problem determination ✔ 
Software updates and upgrades ✔ 
Secure access to self-service portal ✔ 
System Health Add-ons Features
24x7x365 web and phone support w/30 min. critical response SLA Optional
Advanced parts exchange Optional

Proactive uptime monitoring

Alert triage
System log file review
Predictive failure analysis

Media retention Optional

System Support

8×5 web-based support:
Web-based technical support services provided during local business hours.

Root cause problem determination:
For each confirmed critical issue, whether self-reported or initiated by Stratus from an alert it receives, an analysis by Stratus engineers of the root cause(s) of that issue, using log files, interactions from troubleshooting, or inspection of returned failed hardware. Upon customer request, Stratus will provide a summary of their analysis through a customer accessible case update, and/or review the analysis with the customer over the phone.

Software updates and upgrades:
Access and entitlement to software updates and upgrades with your support subscription. Helps ensure customers’ systems are secure, robust, and operating at peak performance.

Secure access to self-service portal:
Secure, online resource for customers to see current support cases and service history, and view/download the latest software and firmware. Customers can also use the portal to search Stratus’s extensive video library and knowledgebase for help and answers to commonly asked technical questions, and manage their users’ access rights and privileges.

System Health Add-ons

24x7x365 web and phone-based support upgrade, with 30 minute critical response SLA:
Web or phone-based technical support services provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For critical issues (e.g. when a production system is inaccessible, unresponsive, or losing information or data, and when no workaround or temporary resolution is available), Stratus will respond to customers within 30 minutes of being notified.

Advance parts exchange:
Shipment and delivery of a replacement part within 3 business days of diagnosing a system issue, for no additional charge. Does not require the customer to first send Stratus their failed system.

Media retention:
For customers required to comply with strict company policies for retaining sensitive data. Instructions for how to safely remove a system’s physical disk media, prior to returning the diskless system to Stratus for repair or exchange.

Proactive uptime monitoring:
Continuous monitoring by Stratus of various ztC Edge system parameters (e.g. temperature, voltage, SSD life, CPU usage, memory utilization, etc.), with customer notification if warranted. Requires ztC Edge systems be connected to Stratus’s Active Service Network—its secure on-line services delivery platform.

Other services

In addition to System Support and System Health add-ons, Stratus offers professional consulting services for disaster recovery and business continuity assessment and planning, as well as managed support services. Trust Stratus availability experts to help you get the most out of your critical business systems.

For more information

For more information about System Support and System Health add-ons for ztC Edge, please contact your local Stratus sales representative, or visit More information about Stratus support services is available on ztC Edge services terms and warranty information can also be found at

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