Case Study

Modernize and Maximize Reliability at the Edge

12 Monitor & Control Success Stories You Can Learn From

Organizations require a reliable, resilient, and modern computing solution for Monitor & Control applications that are mission-critical to their operations.

Zero-Touch Edge Computing provides end users with an optimal platform to quickly modernize legacy control architectures, integrate best-in-class software which improves operational performance, and deploy industry-leading HMI/SCADA software on-machine, at the plant floor, in the control room, or at the operations center.

With help from Stratus, end users saw:

  • Centralized monitor and control
  • Continuous availability for critical business applications
  • 99.999% uptime
  • Consolidation of HMI/SCADA and other advanced applications into a single server
  • And more

Discover a series of 12 Monitor & Control success stories our latest compendium.

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