Efficient and integrated remote management of ever-increasing equipment through factory visualization

PC and server consolidation with virtualization integration & 24/7 always-on edge servers

As digitalization progresses, the number of systems and devices operating at manufacturing sites continues to increase. The management of these systems and devices is becoming more and more complex, and the workload of those in charge is only increasing. Monitors and operation panels, application screens, camera images, and disparate PCs and servers are scattered across different lines, devices, and operations. What is the solution that integrates these management and solves the mountain of problems?

Virtualization/Thin Client Environment x Highly Reliable Edge Server Transforms Operations and Management at Manufacturing Sites:

  • Secure remote display & screen aggregation of various data source screens in the field on a monitor at hand
  • Consolidate PCs and servers with virtualization integration & 24 hours a day, 365 days a year “uninterrupted peace of mind” and “zero-touch operation”


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