Analyst Report

Solution Showcase Stratus Enhances VMware

Increasing the Availability of VMware Virtual Machines Is about “And” Instead of “Or”

Organizations today are more dependent on their IT resources than ever. As a result, IT teams are transforming their data centers through server virtualization, even as they face increasing pressure to meet tight SLAs, increase agility, and reduce costs. IT infrastructures built upon VMware can increase the availability of the systems that matter most to organizations (without requiring any changes to long-term IT strategy or day-to-day IT management) by utilizing Stratus ftServer platforms as their hosts.

By reading this paper you will fully comprehend these challenges and best practices including: 

  • ESG’s Data Protection and Availability Spectrum
  • Understanding your recovery goals (VM host availability vs. RTO )
  • Application start-time unpredictability
  • Why you should consider VMware & Stratus as your fault-tolerant server host(s)

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